30. Seeds

When I was in school, I used to write poems. The poems generally were just a lot of rhyming lines put together without much of an agenda, posibly to impress people around me 😀.

29. 35

Epiphany ...

28. Right Place At The Right Time

Can we do something to be at the right place at the right time?

27. Three reasons never to copy someone and what to do instead.

Many of us have an idol in life that we look up to. A Scientist, a teacher, a sportsman or even one of your parents could be the icon you want to be like when you grow up.

26. What are you asking for - an advice or a corroboration ?

Corroboaration - confirmation. Evidence which confirms a statement. When you provide advice to someone - it can go one of two ways They are relieved with your advice - happy outcome They are reluctant and withdrawn with your advice - sad outcome These are hardly the outcomes for an advice.

25. Strive To Explain Simply

"How will you explain a computer virus to an 80 year old lady?" this was one of the first interview questions I was asked when I was looking for my first job - as a fresher out of the engineering college.

24. Experience right now or Capture for later?

We have a very intimate relationship with our smartphones. Now a days, we watch what is happening in front of us through our phones. I always wonder why we do that?

23. Be Your Authentic Self

Human beings are social animals. We live in a pack or a group. Family, friends, work colleagues, gym buddies - so many small packs! Being part of a pack, group or a tribe needs one to get acceptance from the rest of the members.

22. Truth is Gray

We form our opinions based on the information provided to us. Our parents, teachers in early years are the information sources. And we keep getting That’s bad - don’t do it

21. Less is More

When Google was launched back in 90s, there was another search engine you might have heard of, called, and that was the top search engine. This is Google’s home page compared to altavista’s