01. What do you really want ?

This is one of the first blogs I ever wrote - almost as a note to myself

Let me ask you a quick question …
what do you think you don’t have ?
think..like right now .. what do you think, you do not have ..
an ipod.. car … home …a girlfriend .. a wife ..a raise..

ok fair enough .. now tell me what do you want from life now you’ll say what? that’s stupid .. I want ipod.. car … home …a girl friend .. a wife ..a raise..

again fair enough …

Now tell me what you thought u did not have…
say when you passed out college
you wanted a job .. you wanted some money .. you wanted ..

Boss … you have a job now… you have some money .. then why something is missing… why you are not as happy as you thought you would be

It’s not always about what you dont have its more about what you want ..

And surprisingly these two are not the same …

There are so many things you dont have .. but someday will come when you will have most of them and.. they still wont make you happy

It is about deciding what you want and not..
crying about what you dont have

so give it a thought, before next time you say if only I had this car … this bike .. this ..
the question is, do you really want that car .. that bike

What do you really want or wanted from from life ….

Dont spend your life just thinking about .. uff I dont have this and I dont have that
some day will come … when u might have all thiss and thats … and suddenly
you’ll feel " is this what I really wanted ? for this .. have I spent all my life ?"

It’s very important to know what want from life as opposed to running behind everything that you don’t have but people around you do.

Thank you for reading through.


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