Five Minutes For Soul

20. The More You Know, The More You Don't

An adult human brain can store upto 2.5 Petabytes of data. That is 2500 1TB hard drives. Everyday it gets loaded with about 34 Gigabytes of data. Staggering isn’t it! look it up - it’s true.

19. What Others Think

Try this - when you are around a stranger; start your conversation by telling them about what you do, and then keep talking about yourself - 9 out of 10 times they will excuse themselves or straight up run away.

18. Of Busy Life

We have a timetable for everything. How long to sleep. How much to spend on morning routines. How long to commute to office. Then 8-9 hours of office. Another hour of traffic.

17. The Art Of Being Wise

Would you rather go to a rude but very good dentist or a pleasant but a not so good dentist? Anyone who has been to a dentist knows a skilled dentist is better than a nice one :)!

16. Progress is Silent

I work in IT. We charge our clients by two things - time and material, T&M for short. Time is basically the amount of total hours spent by all people in a week / month on the allocated work.

15. Beliefs VS Knowledge

Almost all the knowledge is at our fingertips these days and we cannot be fooled easily. Anything suspicious, we can just google it. And we do - so many times. More over if you are well educated, you are not prone to accept beliefs at their face value.

14. Some Tips For Thought Control

Have you ever tried not thinking? Try it now. For 15 seconds just don’t think . . . Hard isn’t it ? In fact it is one of the hardest things to do.

13. Alone

I am writing this when most of the world is in lockdown owing to Covid-19. And while this quote would seem so much true right now, it was not written for these times.

12. the Three Finger Test

Making mistakes is the best way to learn - they say, but there are some mistakes I make repeatedly and never seem to learn anything. Also if I make the same mistake again it almost feels like it’s not a mistake, it’s a choice.

11. The Worst Thing You Can Do Is, Do Nothing

An average human being makes about 35000 decisions every day. It’s true, do a little google search to verify and you will be astonished that this is a correct number.